My work

Ethical Paper campaign

The issue: Australian Paper, makers of Reflex, are the biggest consumer of pulp derived from logging native forests - and the logging is pushing the Leadbeater's possum towards extinction

The goal: Put pressure on the company to change its supply chain by getting businesses and individuals to pledge not to buy Reflex until a change was made.

The communications product: A website, a social media strategy, and related print collateral such as postcards and brochures

My role: Communications strategy, social media strategy, content

Marine protected area campaign

The issue: The Federal Government was deciding how much of Australia's oceans to protect and what level of protection to give them

The goal: To raise the profile of little known, deep sea areas in the eyes of the politicians and powerful interests

The communications products: A series of high-impact reports that showed the overwhelming importance of areas at stake

My role: Writing content, editing content supplied by experts, sourcing images, working with designers and managing the print process  

Magazine writing

The issue: A range of environmental issues, from waste management to food production processes.

The goal: To demonstrate simple lifestyle choices that can make a difference to a range of environmental issues

The communications products:  Magazine feature articles

My role: Writing in depth stories demonstrating the effects of personal choices on the environment (just a small selection of my work is featured here).